Behind the scenes

Hanging by my torch is this collection  of beads I have made over time.   They have imperfections, they provide me with inspiration , color Combinations and designs when I reach the dreaded artists block.    Just giving you a peak behind the scenes.i

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Focal Beads

I have decided to offer "Focal Beads" , to jewelry designers on our etsy page.  This will give you the opportunity to add your own enhancements to my creations.  Link below

This should simplify ordering my latest beads, without having to go through the total product line.  I hope you enjoy this latest endeavor, I am sure having fun designing and creating them!

Portrait of Denny

A rockin portrait of Denny created by a local artist here by the name of Eileen Nistler.  She is incredibly talented and gaining quite a name for herself.  Check out her work at


I am still obsessed with making different animals.  I am so close to what I want to create.  This has been months in progress.   New items I have been working on , mixed metal hair assessories, dogs and silver work.  Been browsing tool catalogues, new Wish list: a shot plate, dies, rolling mill and a hydraulic press. There are so many ideas floating around in my head, I am not producing much.  I think I am just taking more time with my pieces.


I have been trying to get back into the groove again.  I have been doing more metal work and incorporate it into my glass work.  It is difficult getting your mojo back when ya aren't busy with shows and under pressure. I am doing nice work, just not a lot of it.  The internet has been performing well for us. We will keep at it, I am hoping this will be a key for us getting off the road.  Everything takes time, this avenue has been a learning experience.  




New postal rates

Wildlife a new challenge

So,,, I am obsessed with working on wildlife pendants.  What a challenge! Blending, colors, design , heat control.,I have put them in the gallery pages to keep track of my progress.   I can find things I like and don't like in each piece.      I have these gorgeous visions in my mind of what I want them to look like, they just aren't there yet.  Glass has been an adventure and always new challenges for me.     I Love my job!!

Holidays are coming soon

Here it is, the end of October and I am stressing.  In a little less than a month we will be setting up at Frontier Mall in Cheyenne, Wy.   Are we going to have enough product?, are we making things people would like?,,, I have been more or less playing for a month, blowing a few ornaments, working on little critters... A lot of experimentation..It is past time to knuckle down and get ready.   Lot's of "Steamboat"  jewlelry,  (wyo logo), , did  I tell you I made the sweetest little snowman the other day?

Summer is coming to an end

Another summer season of outdoor shows is coming to an end.  Two shows left, a break until we go to the mall in Cheyenne for the Christmas run.  I am doing quite a bit more metal work, trying to incorporate my glass when suitable.   We have been having several end of the season gatherings with our craft show friends.   It is so nice when we are away from home we have these special times.  It has been a good year, we thank all those that come in to our booth and support us year after year.


Well, I have been blowing ton's of these little aromatherapy bottles.  Plant Therapy is launching a new handmade website on September 1st.   I will be submitting two different styles up for sale on their site.   We are excited for this opportunity

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