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With the unrest of 2020,, social distancing,,,covid,,,No shows,,,we decided to try something new.  Those that follow us know that for the last 20 years, we have set up a kiosk every year in Cheyenne WY at  Frontier Mall.  Due to the circumstances of the year, I started looking for other options.  I needed something secure, nice and where I could control the atmosphere.  I spoke to a friend that owns a building with several business located within it, there was an area that could work..

Non existent Art shows and COVID 19....

Doesn't the title say it all?   What an unbelievable year!   Here it is,,the end of August and we have not set up our booth once this year.. who da thought?

Staying Creative!

Trying to stay creative during the corona virus is a bit of a challenge.  

Shows are cancelling daily, it is hard to know what to create.  We are hoping by the Christmas season we can get back out doing shows.  What an amazing selection we should have by then!

 For years, we have been just crazy busy.  It is a whole new view on life, having all the time in the world to experiment and refine.

I am finding that components are selling well online.  People want to create their own masterpieces.  I love seeing what they create with our focals!

Covid 19 , life in Wyoming

Corona virus,, scary stuff. Being one of the "immune system compromised", I take this very seriously.

We are practicing shelter in place.  My house has never been cleaner.  I have been working on our online presence.  It seems that my online has never been a huge focus as we are always crazy busy with shows on the road.


Years ago,  44 to be exacty, a much younger Denny and I came to Wyoming on a hunting trip with his good friend Harley.  We traveled across the country in a rough riding  Ford Bronco, excited to go west and hunt for deer and antelope.  As th Bronco was fully loaded with tent, sleeping bags and hunting supplies it was pretty crowded.  I sat between the guys, 600 miles traveling and dreaming of what was coming.  

Genetics.. how cool!!

When I was a little girl, Every summer my grandparents would host a few of us kids for a week at their home.  As there were 7 grandkids, this took up a good portion of a month.  They planned activities to keep us out of trouble.  My grandmother was an accomplished painter, creating oil paintings as well as incredible china paintings.  My grandfather a rock hound, would be always out in his shop, grinding ,tumbling and polishing rocks.


Winter is about over and spring is setting in.  It has been 4 days since the last bout of snow, we had around 6 inches.  We are supposed to be in the 40’s low 50’s for the next week. A whole heck of a lot better than 0!

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Internet sale/special event!

I am currently preparing items for a special offering April 8th., I am posting samples all week of pieces that will be in this offering.  I am hoping to have 24 items that are specialty pieces.  I have been putting a lot of time into this promotion.. on the torch all day, evenings are photographing, measuring  and trying to come up with accurate descriptions.  This particular promotion will be all wildlife, which is the most labor intensive work I do.  When working with molten glass you don’t get “do overs”. Lol


Those of you that know me, know that I find the selling part of our business is the most difficult for me.  Taking pictures, descriptions, pricing are my worst nightmare!  I know it’s part of the business, so forgive me if the descriptions are brief.  Contact me if more information is needed or just give me a call!

fall 2018. Living and loving Wyoming Life

Fall has arrived!  We are enjoying the crisp cool air and outdoor preparations for snow.  Denny has been  on a ranch north of town, gathering and shipping cattle along with other activities. It is one of the most beautiful ranches  in Wyoming.  I love going out and helping, work is done the old “cowboy” way.  Mostly on horseback, roping, riding., the way it should be.  Contented well fed animals live in spacious surroundings.  I often feel overwhelmed at the beauty of where we live.

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