White Buffalo set/SOLD!

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The winters are long and a bit chilly here in Wyoming.  On these cold days, I put a meal in the crock pot and spend my day in the studio. ,My shop has these great glass doors, I can work and still view the scenery while experimenting , manipulating glass and rockin the oldies.  This is the time of year I can devote some extra time needed for exceptional pieces.  This set was my project this year..

Inspiration: The White Buffalo,,To the Lakota this is a sacred creature. Native Americans see the white buffalo calf as the sign to begin life's sacred hoop. It is a beautiful prophecy of hope and promise.    I was fortunate to get to see  a white buffalo calf in Jamestown ND.  It was a spiritual event in my life.

This set was created with  Italian glass.. in matte ebony black and matte snowy white.  This set includes a necklace,earrings and bracelet.
I begin with a rod of glass, build up in the flame using a torch.  I pull fine stringers and apply them, heat control and dental tools are used to manipulate the glass.

The buffallo focal piece is a large detailed sculpture. My “JH” signature is stamped discreetly on the back.   Each of the beads are sculpted to compliment the focal buffalo..

Necklace: beaded length is 26”, the pendant measures 1 3/4”.  The clasp is a hand cast sterling silver buffalo, the tail removes to unclasp.  

This set features the bison head focal, 6 sculpted buffalo beads waking under a full moon and 6 eagle feather beads.

Bracelet: measures 8” in length.  A sterling silver lobster clasp and 5 sculptural buffalo beads.  Each bead is 2 sided.. if bead flips the buffalo will still be visible.

Earrings: 1 3/4” in length on a sterling perfect balance earwires.  2 buffalo walking beneath a full moon on each earring.

A beautiful piece to add to a private collection.

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