Lampwork Elk Necklace

Item Description

This “Lamp work Elk” is part of my Wyoming Big game animals series.   He joins a family of big horn sheep, mule deer, buffalo and antelope to date.  A collectable series of one of a kind pieces by Wyoming glass artist Jill Hendrix.

The Elk was created offhand from Italian glass with a technique called “bas releif”.  I sculpt the piece in the flame using small tools and heat control.  My JH signature stamp can be seen on the back.


How long does this take?  I first sculpt the piece in clay, studying the animal from every angle, next a color pencil drawing, both I bring to the torch then begin.

The focal measures 42mm high by 38 mm width.  Strung with complimentary check beads, 20” in length with Gold findings.  

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