Yellowstone Collection

Mona Lisa Beadwork Bag

        Snow was falling a few inches per hour and winds had piled it nearly to the window of my studio here in Upton, Wyoming. The moon was full but partly hidden by the weather when I decided the time is right for me to follow my long-term dream.


        For more than 30 years I’ve made custom jewelry and western art pieces. Most have been for the consumer market but some have been designed from the bench up for some very discerning collections.  It is a pleasure to take my time, a year a month, what is needed to develope these pieces.  Some of these exclusive pieces may be available.  Contact me personally to chack if available or to have a piece created just for you.


        It's been my joy and privilege to design and create both for people who truly appreciate hand-crafted work. I thank you for you and the many others who have been more than than just customers; many of you have been long-time friends.


        I’ve enjoyed the encouragement of many people to expand  my offerings of high-end work and to that end I am launching a new line of exclusive, bespoke jewelry which will be called the "Yellowstone Collection".  Named in honor of honor of the breathtaking Yellowstones, I believe our creator  took a little more time creating this masterpiece.


Wyoming Silvers will continue and you’ll still find me and the Wyoming Silvers items as you have in the past.


        But, come winter, when the wind drives the snow across Black Hills Country, you’ll  find me at the bench designing and creating the kinds of art that are as special and unique as you.