Ely Minnesota

Ely,,  up in the boundary waters near the Canadian border.  It is a cool 68 degrees.. A welcome break from the heat the last few days.  Scattered showers are in the forecast.. I am prepared with a brand spankin new raincoat and rain boots.  My friend Sandy and I are planning an excursion to bear country,, and of course do some hiking.   Another thing on the list is some homemade blueberry pie.. It is almost as good as my mothers...she just had the touch.  Sir G's is also on the itinerary , excellent pizza and atmosphere.

Art fairs

We're going full tilt right now.. We just completed the Brookings art festival, fought rain and mud.. I admire so many for sticking it out , as a lot of product was lost as well as sales,but they still hung on and worked at being optimistic.. It is such a gamble doing outdoor shows.. If you lose a show to weather, we lose booth fees, fuel and travel expenses.. It can really add up.   Needless to say people did come out and support the arts and we thank you! 


Well we are back in Minot ND..   We set up shop on the first and we will be here the month of May.  It is good to get everything out, organized and inventoried..we have alo of work to do for show season.   Th new "add a drop" system is doing well.. Been tweaking the designs, the response is promising.   I think the murano style bracelets are also going to be a hit.   It is good to see our family and friends here.  Until next time..


The sunshine state

Spending some quality time with my parents in a warmer climate.  Wyoming weather has been a bit on the chilly side, needed a break.   I am hoping to get some fresh ideas, maybe get in the mood for the bright colors of summer!   I am lucky I have a profession I can take the time like this.  

Stay toasty my friends

Memory lane

I have been posting old pictures of our work in the portfolio pages.  In our beginnings we  made the "Native Images",  hand sculpted from a red clay, painted in a very realistic design, fox furs, horns and beadwork were all components.  looking back, they really were quite nice.   Our family spent many evenings making dream catchers ,, Denny would cut the leather and do the wrapping, Gina and her friends would split and wrap sinew while Jill did the weaving and feather work. We sold thousands of them to tourists sites around the country.

Snowy day

-4 outside right now, blowing snow.. It is nasty out there!  A good day for bean soup and westerbroaches!  I always think of my family in ND when I bake these.  So happy that another generation has come to love this baked treat passed down through my family.   My sister posted a link to a company that makes these commercially,,  the company is in the Netherlands.   I rememember my mother and grandmother baking these throughout my childhood.  

Day 3

Been working on the site for a few days now, it is amazing the amount of time you can work on this and get very little done.  I am gradually seeing improvements and am getting closer to my goals for this site.  I like that I can actually work on it from my mobile device, a big time management tool!

I have also been unpacking from our month in Cheyenne, reorganizing the work shop and getting the 2013 books closed up.  I am looking forward to spending the afternoon out on the torch, getting back into my glass.  The days flying by.

New Years resolutions

First posting in our new site.  My New Years resolution.. Get products "for sale" on the web!    I stumbled onto this website host and thought it might be what we we needed.  The old site was getting obsolete, and increasingly difficult to post products for sale. So far,,,this had been sweet!  I can load photos from a mobile device, shopping cart is pretty straight forward.  I think I am going to love this!   It is a work in progress.

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