Here it is the middle of May.   We have been busy creating, getting everything ready for outdoor shows.  We also use this dormant time to to our doctoring, hopefully nothing serious crops up.


We will not be showing the month of May in Minot this year.  I am dealing with some unavoidable medical issues, have to take care of myself for awhile.  We hope to be back next year.  If you are looking for something that is not on our website, contact us as our inventory is extensive.  My apolagies to our loyal customers..see you on the art faire circuit!

Anatomy of glass colors

We are asked what creates the colors?   Here is a quick reference to give you some insight.   Interesting read!

Miss Wyoming

Jessie Allen the current Miss Wyoming was seen shopping in our booth at Frontier Mall.  I really enjoyed visiting with her, she is such a sweet girl.  Very easy to talk with.  She purchased a few items and was gracious enough to let me take a few photos.  A meet such interesting people!

Vessels and aromatherapy

As a lot of you know, I am quite a health nut.   I have been pretty ill at times in my life, so a few years ago I decided to make some changes.   I started out eliminating gluten then dairy products.  It took about 6 months but what a difference these changes made for me!  It has been significant.   We are eating clean and Denny and I are both seeing the benefits.

Time change

Dealing with how the body works during time changes.  We spend our winters in in Rocky Mountain time zone, I take a break and go to eastern time for a month then back to RMTZ, then we go to daylight savings time, then several back and forth trips into central to to RM,,, then the time changes again to daylight savings again.   I am currently waking around 4am raring to go, the ready to crash by 8:30.  I think my body wants to stay in one time zone for a while.   Need some normal zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's!

Holidays are coming

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist!   Etching metals, torching for hours, electroforming and whatever else comes to mind!   Den and I are getting ready for the holiday run, we set up in Cheyenne Wy,  11/21/14.  I am making several styles of bucking horse jewelry and some adorable cowboy boot bracelets.  Lots is $10 items for those "I need a little something" type gifts.   Check the website as I will be adding items all month long.  Cool nights and no snow flying yet.  Life is good


Last time putting up the tent this year!  Outdoor shows are over and packing up to head home.  It's been a great summer run , sorry it is over.   Have so much to do and get ready for the Christmas season.  Hope all my plans come together

Dennis and I will be setting up in Cheyenne Wyoming in late November at Frontier Mall. The kiosk will be open thru Christmad.  I will be shutting down the custom orders November 15th.  

Fall is near

Hard to believe summer is over and the crisp evenings of fall have begun.  We have just two shows this month, Bismarck Street Fair andFort Ransom ND.

Bismarck is held downtown, great variety of food and a nice variety of vendors.  It is a Friday, Saturday show...going until 8 in the evening on Friday.

We head to Michigan for Denny and Tomi's wedding the following weekend.  Hope to see a lot of old friends and spend very happy family time.

The glass bead

I'm always amazed by the diversity and complexity of the human condition. Something as innocuous as a glass bead reveals an industry with sophisticated multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities, trade shows, magazines, websites, fan clubs, and swap meets,  When you think about it, trade beads during the early American settlers bartering with the native Americans.  The highly collectable African trade beads..there are books available with the only subject matter being the glass bead..worldwide.

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