Update on aspirin desensitization

Well.... as I wrote previously I went through desensitazion last maintenance dose was one adult aspirin every morning and evening.. after 3-4 months,, I was having a lot of bruising and stomach issues.. suddenly my lips swelled like I had a triple Botox treatment!  They were huge!  It progressed from there, swelling and rash,  luckily it did not effect my airways.. I stayed on the aspirin 5 days after the reaction began, it just kept moving and getting worse.  It took a bit before I started getting back to “my normal”.

Happy New Year 2018!

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A new year is here!  I am so excited about the upcoming year!  I have tons of ideas I want to work on, expanding the metalwork and further refinements in my glass wildlife study.  I finally am submitting my work to different publications and am getting published! One of my horse pieces is in the current issue of The Flow, 13th annual gallery of women in glass.   

November 2017

Work Work Work, all day long.. making a variety of fun new items!  New for the mall, minimalist necklaces and bracelets, etched Wy cuffs, eco friendly glass straws and a full line of metal swirlys and signs!

Den got Brandy out pheasant hunting this week.  She did great!  I was a little worried she would be out of control out in the field.  Maybe all the working with her is paying off!  She is becoming a terrific dog to have around.  She spends a lot of time in my shop hanging out and getting into things when my back is turned.  Lol

October Ramblings

Home after the summer run.  It was a good season and we are gearing up to show at Frontier Mall for the holidays.

 I don’t know if other artists go through the after the season blahs.. I don’t know what to make, I worry the customers won’t like what I do, question where my artwork is heading.  I make lists of requests, ideas, take some time to work on our online presence...I just don’t feel very creative or productive and the clock is ticking..  I will pay for my indecisiveness when I see my inventory..

Summer Fun

A quick shot of a bit our lives.  This is how Denny and Brandy get around.  Once in a while I get to join them!

Memorial Day 2017

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope everyone is enjoying a weekend of fun and cookouts.  We are doing Brats and hotdogs, family and the Indy 500.  Life is pretty laid back right now.

We are packing for our summer run.  A disarray of boxes and trying to remember what we left and what we need to bring.  Den is taking the first load and the boat up in the morning.  Hopefully getting the house ready for the puppy.  She is into everything so how can you be ready!?!   Lol

Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday we picked up our new puppy, her name is Brandy.  It was very emotional as it was filled with puppy joyfulness and remembering Abby.   As we were driving home with Brandy, we saw 2 rainbows.  It brought to mind the story of the Rainbow Bridge..  I feel it was a sign from Abby , she wanted to give us her blessing. I tear up whenever I read it. If you are not familiar with the story , it is as follows:

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Life after Abby

AbbyIt has been a hard winter around here.. in February we had a run of bad luck, things just not going well, little accidents  one right after the other,, a deer took after Abby, Denny's lip had a run in with a gate, etc etc.   Then ... we lost our Abby.. due to a freak accident, I will spare you the details.  It was heartbreaking and still hurts deeply.  The house has been quiet and I have missed my walking partner.  I know there are many of you out there, that knew and loved her as we did.  She did not lack friends in our crazy life!

Online changed

 We are looking toward the future and have decided to make a few changes.  I have decided to promote my nicer pieces to a few galleries.   At this time, I will not be offering the wildlife online, they will be available through the galleries or by contacting us personally.    These pieces can be seen in the portfolio section as well as the Yellowstone collection.  I enjoy creating these gorgeous pieces and will continue to offer them at art shows that we participate in.

Aspirin desensitization

As many of you know, I have a few health issues.   This past week I have been in Denver at National Jewish hospital.  They are a top notch facility dealing with respiratory, allergy issues.  I have met people from all over the world, some very ill.  It has made me appreciate the road I personally have taken to improve my health.

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