Summer show season

August is upon us, we are midway through our summer season.  It has had some weather challenges, a big blow down at Mandan and the heat.. We tried Spearfish “Art in the Park” last month..nice crowd and our work was well received. 

We are going to make a few changes.. we are looking at selling our house in ND and basing out of our Wyoming home.  We have been cutting back on our shows, concentrating on our online sales.  It has been great spending more time with our family.  I really am enjoying having all my equipment in one shop.  It has always been challenging how much and what to pack every summer.

Brandy has been adapting well to art fair life.  The classes really have paid off.  I plan on picking them back up this fall.  It is a fun hour out for her, interacting with other dogs and reinforcing how to behave.  Lol

I have been enjoying the Wyoming Wildlife series.  I plan on keeping up with it.  They look so awesome all together!  

I did play around making elephants last week as I had a request for one.  What has always struck me is the eyes on them.  I feel like I can see their souls when I look in their eyes.. I hope I do them justice.. they are an amazing animal.

I am done blathering for now.. Happy trails and be safe 

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