I am still obsessed with making different animals.  I am so close to what I want to create.  This has been months in progress.   New items I have been working on , mixed metal hair assessories, dogs and silver work.  Been browsing tool catalogues, new Wish list: a shot plate, dies, rolling mill and a hydraulic press. There are so many ideas floating around in my head, I am not producing much.  I think I am just taking more time with my pieces.

Easter is this weekend.  Going to enjoy some family time.  It has been snowing here so you never know if it is going to pan out until the day gets here.   Have been seeing newborn calves, won't be long until we see fawn deer and baby antelope.  I love walking my dog and seeing the wildlife.

Waiting to get our show schedule firmed up.  Show fees and jury photos are in, just waiting to see if we are juried in.  There are so many artists applying, and just so many spots available.  Their are no guarantees to get in.  Then there is weather, economy and style trends that are always a factor.   I am grateful for our loyal customers!



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