Memory lane

I have been posting old pictures of our work in the portfolio pages.  In our beginnings we  made the "Native Images",  hand sculpted from a red clay, painted in a very realistic design, fox furs, horns and beadwork were all components.  looking back, they really were quite nice.   Our family spent many evenings making dream catchers ,, Denny would cut the leather and do the wrapping, Gina and her friends would split and wrap sinew while Jill did the weaving and feather work. We sold thousands of them to tourists sites around the country.  On top of that we held down full time jobs.  What a crazy time in our lives.  Work all day and work all night getting our orders out.  It was the mid 90's when I started doing the glass work and phasing out the old and in with the new.  Hope you enjoy browsing through the photos, we have been around a while. ;-)


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