Life after Abby

AbbyIt has been a hard winter around here.. in February we had a run of bad luck, things just not going well, little accidents  one right after the other,, a deer took after Abby, Denny's lip had a run in with a gate, etc etc.   Then ... we lost our Abby.. due to a freak accident, I will spare you the details.  It was heartbreaking and still hurts deeply.  The house has been quiet and I have missed my walking partner.  I know there are many of you out there, that knew and loved her as we did.  She did not lack friends in our crazy life!

Denny and I have decided we need another furry friend I our lives.  A few weeks ago we began our search.  We decided on getting another Brittany spaniel and found a sweet pup in Utah. So... in may we will start the next adventure in our lives with this little lady!   I believe we are going to call her "Brandy".

Abby will always hold a huge place in our hearts, l can't help it, I still choke up when I let myself think to hard about her.  Brandy will help us heal and have a great life with us! 

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