Genetics.. how cool!!

When I was a little girl, Every summer my grandparents would host a few of us kids for a week at their home.  As there were 7 grandkids, this took up a good portion of a month.  They planned activities to keep us out of trouble.  My grandmother was an accomplished painter, creating oil paintings as well as incredible china paintings.  My grandfather a rock hound, would be always out in his shop, grinding ,tumbling and polishing rocks.

I recall sitting at the easel with a palette full of oil paints creating my own masterpieces under grandmas watchful eyes.  What patience she had to come out of her quiet world and have a bunch of crazy kids around!

I recently found one of my Grandpa’s rocks in the bottom of my jewelry box.  I decided it needed to be seen.  It is a gorgeous cabochon of turquoise with many colors.  I set it in silver, sawing, stamping and soldering.  All the while thinking of them, inspiration, genetics and so on.  It is a piece I was proud to give my father for his 93rd birthday.  He was particularly touched as it signified a  piece of his past.  

My parents as well as my siblings are all extremely talented artistically., but that story is for another time.  My father wearing his new bolo is in the photo.. 3 generations are tied into him wearing this.  

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