Art fairs

We're going full tilt right now.. We just completed the Brookings art festival, fought rain and mud.. I admire so many for sticking it out , as a lot of product was lost as well as sales,but they still hung on and worked at being optimistic.. It is such a gamble doing outdoor shows.. If you lose a show to weather, we lose booth fees, fuel and travel expenses.. It can really add up.   Needless to say people did come out and support the arts and we thank you! 

We have two days to build stuff, clean and unpack and repack, laundry and real life if we can squeeze it in, then off to Fargo street fair,, do this all over again then on to Ely Mn..  I can keep going but you get the idea, it's not easy., we look forward to October , we have no shows for two months!   But,,, we will be busy building for the holidays.., the down time is busy too!  

Justa glimpse into the life of a working artist...must be overtired.  Lol

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