January 2018

Update on aspirin desensitization

Well.... as I wrote previously I went through desensitazion last spring..my maintenance dose was one adult aspirin every morning and evening.. after 3-4 months,, I was having a lot of bruising and stomach issues.. suddenly my lips swelled like I had a triple Botox treatment!  They were huge!  It progressed from there, swelling and rash,  luckily it did not effect my airways.. I stayed on the aspirin 5 days after the reaction began, it just kept moving and getting worse.  It took a bit before I started getting back to “my normal”.

Happy New Year 2018!

Preview Image: 

A new year is here!  I am so excited about the upcoming year!  I have tons of ideas I want to work on, expanding the metalwork and further refinements in my glass wildlife study.  I finally am submitting my work to different publications and am getting published! One of my horse pieces is in the current issue of The Flow, 13th annual gallery of women in glass.